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The cover shows a Maltese Surfer model. Twang, Baby!

Original catalog owned by Guitar Maniacs in Tacoma Washington.

Thanks to Dan.

Note the handwritten date of October 1967. Prices for solidbody and acoustic versions (!) of the various models are handwritten throughout.

The inside cover lists some features of Thomas instruments, which are called "the finest guitars ever made!"

Maltese Cross models are shown on the fist inside page. Yes, he did make these in acoustic versions!

This is the real stuff. The "C" or Century Model was flashy, but Harvey wasn't kidding around. This is the model he used for all his own instruments. Notice the catalog does not distinguish between the German pickups or Harvey's own bubble pickups.

The Mod, The Mandarin, and The Riot King. This is not the wild stuff, just the standard factory models.

If you were not imaginative enough to think too far out of the box, there was still the "D", or Deleitar, model. Kinda like a Fender Duosonic, but with 21 frest clear of the body. And then a decent sized cutaway to boot!

In case you don't know which string or fret is which, this large diagram will tell you. It shows a standard nut, which is funny, because just about every Harvey guitar had a zero fret. What a gorgeous "C" model! And an ape suit is always good for a laugh.