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A loving tribute to the Pacific Northwest Guitar Maker who did everything his own way.


Tim's Story
I visited Harvey many times while I was in grade school, and ended up working for him. Here's my true story
Pages from the 1967 Thomas catalog.
Several people have sent photos, and I've snagged a couple from ebay. Also shots of several instruments from Guitar Maniacs in Tacoma.
Dan and his Cross
My good ol' friend from the good ol' days Dan recently bought a cool Harvey guitar. Here's the photos.
Harvey Photos
Kari Scott sent in these photos of Harvey at home, at the gig, and in the studio. Plus a few extras.
Stories and Contacts
Several people have written in with stories and memories.


It's Harvey V. Thomas and the Infernal Music Machine on vinyl! Sounds like he's playing the triple neck along with organ pedals and an early drum box. I have made shortened versions of both sides of this single. (Less singing, all the twanging.) Download MP3s of:

Have You Ever Been Lonely


Hit this link to see a larger image of the record label. Thanks to Deke Dickerson for the image, Ed Nadarozny for the music.

Complete versions of the above songs, plus "Moonlight on the Snow" (written by Harvey) and "Meet Me in Ponderay" (written by Harvey and Kari Scott) are available on CD from Kari Scott at PO Box 1324, Belfair WA 98528.

Hey, if anyone has any information or photos to share about Harvey, his instruments, or cars, I'd like to hear from you. Send me photos and I'll try to post them from time to time. Please e-mail me.

Now I'm going to tell you my e-mail address, but in a form that the spam harvesters are not going to get. Ready? The "©" symbol below stands for the "@" symbol. So use the "@" symbol. Tricky, but you can figure it out.


Don't miss Denise Presnall's Myspace page. It's got some awesome photos I had not seen before, plus Mary Thomas' own account of being "guitared to death."





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