Photos Kindly Sent In by Kari Scott

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Harvey with the full Infernal Music Machine setup in his home in Midway, Washington, March 5, 1971. The occasion appears to be a birthday party for Harvey's longtime helper Walt. Notice that you can see a couple guitars through the archway to the left, a C model and some kind of flattop. In this room note the "coocoo clock" guitar with the amazingly complex body shape. And notice another sign of the times: that's a real "America - Love It or Leave It" bumper sticker at the bottom center. I think the gizmo to Harvey's right is one of those super effects box things that claimed to make your guitar sound like any instrument - flute, trumpet, bassoon, etc. All it did was crank up the signal and clip it to a square wave, then send that through tank circuits of various values. Anybody out there remember what that thing was called?

Harvey and Mary Lou Thomas in their home, May 22 1971. Note the "axe" guitar on the wall. You can also see the edge of the "coocoo clock" guitar at the far left. Above Harvey's head is a wall-mounted speaker box. Harvey had a security system which involved microphones in the shop and speakers in the house. He would lean metal pipes and things up against doors and walls in the shop under the theory that burglers would knock them down and he'd hear it in the house through the speakers.

Harvey and Kari Scott in the studio, May 24, 1971. This is Bill Wiley's studio in North Tacoma. Note the "Riot King" guitar behind Harvey. And here's a shot of Bill Wiley at the console. And while we are at it, here's one more shot of Wiley's studio. This one was taken February 12 1973, and shows Terry Hildreth, Shotgun Red, Pat and Mike West, and Speedy Price on pedal steel.

Harvey and Kari Scott at Steve's Gay Nineties in Tacoma, January 31, 1971. Steve's was a family buffet restaurant in the '60s and '70s with a ragtime-and-banjoes theme, kind of like Shakey's Pizza. They had a floor show and singing waiters. Notice Harvey's special guitar stand for the triple-neck. It's done up in two patterns of flannel print - leopardskin, and the inexplicable brown cristmas trees and snowflakes.

Here's two photos from Harvey's 50th birthday party, December 5 1970. The cake features a triple-neck guitar plus some kind of diorama on the lower level. Harvey blows out the candles, resplendant in a pink shirt.